OEM approved charge air coolers and other air coolers

Vestas aircoil is a market leading maker of charge air coolers, water mist catchers, shell & tube heat exchangers, alternator coolers and compressor coolers.

Charge air coolers

From Vestas aircoil, you don't just get a charge air cooler for your engine, vessel or your power plant.
You will benefit from our decades of experience in designing and manufacturing coolers for needs like yours.

We will assist you in any way you wish, in the decision making process.

Here you can read about the range of charge air coolers, we can supply you with.


We have 60 years’ experience providing our charge air coolers to 2 & 4 stroke engine builders and in recent years have also provided an approved, yet economical after-market service for ship owners and engine operators. 

Generator coolers

Sometimes known as Alternator air coolers or Stator air coolers, in recent years, these types of air cooler have become a major part of our business.

Find out here how this highly efficient cooler will save you a lot of gray hairs and worries about water leakage.

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