Fast and reliable development

of heat transfer solutions

- delivered on time


We meet our customers, wherever they are, to truly understand their needs and requirements.
Our heat transfer solutions are individually designed to meet customer requirements and specifications.
Our experience and focus help our customers achieve a short time to market for new products.
Our durable heat transfer solutions are designed to reduce the total cost of ownership.



Who we are


Vestas aircoil has designed and manufactured charge air coolers since 1956.
The first cooler delivery was for a marine diesel engine. Since then, we have developed into being the preferred partner for bespoke,
high performance and reliable engine cooling systems to a wide array of the worlds´ largest engine manufacturers.
With an advanced R&D center located in Denmark the company keeps developing
new technology and solutions enabling our customers to meet their targets.
A strong and balanced focus on performance optimization, environmental impact and product quality is what is offered to all
of our customers.
Multiple manufacturing sites, effectively covering the entire globe, allows for a close and efficient collaboration with all of our
clients as well as ensuring fast support and reaction times.

What is going on in Vestas aircoil



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