Scandinavian Sheet Metal Forming Material testing & heading for More Sustainable Materials and More Sustainable SC's

Vestas aircoil welcomes Mats Sigvant, Volvo Cars and Alexander Barlo, Blekinge Tekniske Högskola. We will have a Master Class session focusing on metal forming and technical purchase of sheet metals.

We have a strong interest in qualifying better when purchasing materials and also an interest in hearing about developments (green issues, geo political problems, re cycling, CO2 loading, etc.) in the sheet metal area. Developments towards greener materials and processing will affect the new design s and materials with different (new) properties will be a result of the green transition in the manufacture of raw materials.

Also issues in relation to the handling of consistent quality, local/global shortage, etc.
e g. facing problem in China, US, Europe where both material alloys, temper, etc. together with a v ailabilty seems to become more and more important. Here we can most likely learn quite a lot from Volvo experiences and your expectation to the future industrial conditions.

In our coolers the cooling block is the main thermal functional part . It consist of 2 tube sheets, tubes and finplates.

Forming of fin plates is done with sequential forming resulting collar geometry is directly affected by material properties and their variation.

Stacks of fin plates are joined with tubes by bullet expan sion (resulting in a press fit between coll ar and tube) quality of joints are import a nt for the thermal perf orma nce. Good collar geometry is essential to achieve robust and stable joints, however, the joints can be made with different material combinations widening the process window significantly.

After assembly of elements, one or more elements are assembled together with tube sheets, followed by rolling of each tube to tubesheet joint to ensure a firm , robust and leak tight assembly.

Digital twins are developed for the main processes and can be readily used for forward simulation. Digital twins for integrated simulation (fin forming, tube expansion and final roll expansion) is feasible, however, still to heavy from a computation al point of view.

Current there is ongoing work to utilize the digital twin for control of rolling,  development of AI to adaptively adjust process, development of Inverse M ethods for achievement of constitutive parameters from running production. It is the goal to estimate material characteristics and geometric component properties from measured manufacturing data and also to convert this into more adaptive process control.

We look forward to experience how the collaboration between an automotive industry and academia can lead to improved ways for qua lity ensurance by research in sheet metal forming , by integration of virtual models (FE) and artificial inte lligence in production as well as by research and development of new methods for characterization of materials, FE design rules.

0830 Arrival at Vestas aircoil, Smed Hansensvej 13, Lem, Denmark
0900 Walk around and demonstration of rolling test rig
0930 Presentation of Vestas aircoil and Va R&D. Products, localization, history
0945 Formability and Failure Predictions through Finite Element Simulations , Alexander Barlo, M.Sc. Eng., Lic. Tech.Tech., Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.
1030 How to work with global suppliers of materials, Mats Sigvant PhD , Technical Leader, Sheet Metal Forming Simulation, Manufacturing Technology Development, Volvo Car Coprporation. Adjunct Associate Professor (Docent), Mechanical Engineering, Blekinge Institute of Technology , Department of Mechanical Engineering, Karlskrona Sweden.
1115 Free discussion
1200 Lunch and talk

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