Meeting up with Lars Damkilde, Professor at Aarhus UNivesity, and discussing Digital Twin and Model updating within a project supported by Innovation Fund Denmark has been a dream for both us for a long time. Actually we initiated discussion on the project idea 5 years ago -proving that it pays of to be persistent.
The project is the CP-Sens project "Cyber-physical sensing platform for digital twins of machines and structures", and we are meeting this week with Lars to discuss how we will provide data from heat exchangers in operation, and what we should do with it.
Lars is Work Package Leader of Work Package 1 "CP-SENS use cases". Bilal Ali Qadri is our Project manager. Frank Nielsen and Lasse Uhd Christensen will support in achieving our goals and I have been so fortunate to be appointed Chairman of the Steering Committee.

You can follow the CP-Sens project on our dedicated LinkedIn page.

Sep 5, 2023, 9:23 AM

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