In our continuous pursuit of enhancing efficiency and advancing our knowledge-based development process, we require new tools at Vestas aircoil’s Competence Center.

Just this week, we have acquired a much needed tensile test bench. This apparatus enables us to personally evaluate the strength and rigidity of the materials we use.

- Consequently, our process control has improved significantly, allowing us to gain valuable insights at an earlier stage in the development process, Lab Scientist Karl Brian Nielsen explains.

We can now effectively manage and validate the structures, rigidity, and characteristics of the materials we intend to utilize, thereby enhancing the quality of our products. Moreover, when employing two-component materials, we now have the capability to verify their tightness and strength ourselves.

Another benefit of this acquisition is that it contributes to the professional growth and maybe even the happiness of our Lab Technician, Søren Madsen, who is currently establishing the initial procedures for its utilization.

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