Eight students at Syddansk Universitet - University of Southern Denmark studying Global Management & Manufacturing are doing their 4th semester at Vestas aircoil A/S.

To get hands-on knowledge and experience on global procurement and supply chain management and the all-important documentation process, when it comes to greener footprints, close contact to the ‘real world’ is vital.

Recent developments in supply chain management certainly proves that text books alone cannot keep up with reality.
Karl Brian Nielsen, Lab Scientist and manufacturing wizard at Vestas aircoil is the industry contact for these two groups of students in their studies:
- I love this opportunity to get in close contact with the students at an early stage. In general, we want to contribute to a more industry-targeted approach and be able to attract the most talented of all nationalities to our R&D Center of Excellence or general Project Engineering Department here at Vestas aircoil A/S.

To do this we have to make an effort. I believe that being in close contact helps this process and is a win-win solution for both universities, students and us.

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