Topic:  Solid Mechanics and Structural Dynamics
March, 2024

Just recently Professor Atul Bhaskar from the University of Sheffield let a masterclass here at our premises in Lem. We have known Professor Bhaskar for many years and we are currently co-funding one of his PhD students Muhammad Hafitz.

The Masterclass was primary dealing with solid mechanics and structural dynamics, where Professor Bhaskar shared his research landscape that included a great variety of projects and cases.

Interestingly, our venture into topics outside our immediate business focus – namely the world of crash simulation, also proved to be a fascinating area of study. It underscores the importance of interdisciplinary learning and the benefits of drawing knowledge from diverse research fields.

Professor Bhaskar’s remarkable academic trajectory that began in India and has since taken him to the forefront of research and teaching in the UK, Professor Bhaskar currently serves as Professor of Applied Mechanics at the University of Sheffield. His expertise, which covers applied mechanics, structural dynamics, and bioengineering, not only makes him an invaluable contributor to the academic community but also a source of inspiration for us all. Hearing him share his journey and insights during our Masterclass was truly motivating.

As we continue to explore and learn from the vast expanse of engineering and research, collaborations like these remind us of the limitless potential that lies in shared knowledge. We look forward to more enriching experiences and breakthroughs in our journey with Professor Bhaskar and the future leaders emerging from our support of academic endeavors.

See detailed CV of Professor Atul Bhaskar here:

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