January 16, 2024
Unlock the Potential of Architected Materials: A Journey into Advanced Materials Science

On January 16, we are joining an inspiring master class session titled "Towards Applied Architected Materials: Concepts, Mechanical Properties, and Examples," at our premises in Lem, where we delve into the cutting-edge world of architected materials. This session is designed for those intrigued by the latest advancements in materials science and mechanical engineering.


Session Overview:

Architected materials are revolutionizing the field of materials science. Unlike conventional materials such as metals and polymers, these materials boast unique properties derived from their meticulously crafted micro, meso, and macrostructures. This master class offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of Architected Materials (AMs), focusing on the origin of their exceptional mechanical performance.

We'll explore two primary subclasses:

  1. Multi-constituent AMs that transcend traditional composites.
  2. AMs whose properties are shaped by the geometric and topological arrangement of the base material.

Through various case studies, we'll gain insights into their manufacturing processes, modelling strategies, and experimental outcomes. We'll also discuss the future potential and applications of these materials in advancing technology and engineering design.

Introducing our distinguished expert, PhD, MSc, Eng.Michael Budzik, who will be conducting the masterclass. 

Dr. Michal K. Budzik is an esteemed Associate Professor at Aarhus University's Department of Mechanical Engineering and Production, specializing in Lightweight Materials and Structures (LITE). His academic journey includes PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering from the University of Bordeaux, France, and the Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, respectively.

Dr. Budzik's rich experience includes post-doctoral research at CNRS and CNES in France, and Aarhus University, Denmark. His tenure at The LEGO Group Materials as the R&D Manager further highlights his expertise. Dr. Budzik's research primarily intersects fracture mechanics, topology, and geometry, focusing on applications in composite materials and multimaterial adhesive bonding.

We embark on this enlightening journey to understand and apply the principles of architected materials. 

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