- Innovating through Patenting

We are excited to introduce an extraordinary breakthrough in the realm of air-cooling technology, born from the relentless drive of R&D Director Claus Hessler Ibsen and R&D FEA Specialist Frank Nielsen, who can now add 'inventors' to their job titles. They have secured a patented innovation revolving around a single-tube tester - a game-changing invention that promises to take the fault-finding of air coolers to a more sustainable level.

True innovation is never instantaneous; it's a journey marked by determination and dedication. Over the course of three years, this inventive duo has relentlessly pursued this groundbreaking achievement, securing a patent for their brainchild.

The patent is not just a legal safeguard; it embodies our dedication to pioneering ideas, focused research, and resolute execution, as Claus H. Ibsen explains. This accomplishment sets an elevated benchmark for our future endeavours.

The patent opens up new possibilities for Vestas Aircoil. - While our air coolers are already renowned for being leak-proof, the essence of this innovation lies in its ability to meticulously identify leaking tubes and preserve the best possible lifetime of the cooler., Claus H. Ibsen explains. We minimize waste and maximize efficiency, thereby contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. 

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