Range of Charge Air Coolers

Standard Charge air cooler with full support

Charge Air Cooler

Charge air coolers from Vestas Aircoil are suitable for new engines and as replacements.

Our expanded solution gives full support and is resistant towards vibration.

Datasheet - Charge air cooler (PDF)

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Compact air cooler

Compact Charge Air Cooler 

Vestas Aircoil introduced its compact charge air cooler in 1998 for 4 stroke engines.
The compact cooler is very cost effecient and functions in demanding conditions.

We offer this solution with expanded or tin coated materials.

We have introduced a Super Compact cooler for high speed engine requirements.
This cooler is equipped with 7,5 mm. tubes with high density fins.

Further information on charge air coolers 

If you need the specifications on one or more of our coolers or would like to discuss the specific requirements for your engine, please fill in the contact form or call us at the office closest to you. You find our contact data here.

Would you like to know more about how charge air coolers work?
Please visit this page: About Charge air coolers 


Premium air cooler

Premium Charge Air Cooler

Our tin coated air cooler gives many benefits:

  • Unique product life time giving a superior tco (total cost of ownership).
  • Better heat transfer
  • More resistant towards corrosion
  • Possibility to create an optimal pressure drop


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