Standard charge air coolers


Price competitive charge air coolers from Vestas aircoil

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One element solution (known as "MonoBlock") for charge air coolers.

Low cost, high performance

At Vestas aircoil we strive hard to provide choice. Cost is part of all buying decisions and our new "expanded” range of air coolers reflects the need for economy.

By offering the same level of approval and design standard, but without the tin coating, we provide a safe, but lower cost alternative to the traditional Vestas design.

The "expanded” concept.

The name reflects the way in which the fins are attached to the tubes. This is achieved by assembling the tubes and fins, then expanding the diameter of each tube beyond its point of elasticity; using the recognized "cold-rolling technique” – a bonding method that results in particularly efficient heat transmission. The method is now widely used by manufacturers all over the world.

Air coolers build with up-to-date machinery 

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Operations and maintenance

The fins on expanded charge air coolers have a surface that is much less susceptible to the build-up of dust and dirt. The cooling elements are also much easier to clean, because it is easier to loosen the dirt using ordinary cleaning techniques.

A guaranteed minimum distance between the fins prevents the build-up of dirt, and facilitates the regular cleaning.


In order to achieve high productivity and the best method for rolling the tubes into the tube plate, we have introduced robot technology and the advantages this provides with regard to high and consistent levels of quality, etc.

Charge air cooler with full support

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Charge air cooler for 4 stroke engines

The fins

The fins are always made of pure copper.

Special profiles are stamped into the unbroken surface of the fins. this is an important factor in the efficiency of the air cooler. The choice is made by our designers in order to best meet the requirements of your engine.

The tubes

Round tubes -15mm in diameter. standard material is 90/10.

Vibration and resonance

Coolers made by vestas aircoil are designed to prevent fatigue breaks caused by the influence of vibrations and resonance. The design is the result of years of experience and a calculation method that is based on the results from our own test bench.

Where necessary (on air coolers over 800mm in length) an integral support plate is added to the air cooler. (See picture above). This enables every tube to be mechanically bonded to every other tube and eliminates many vibration related problems.

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