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Vestas industrial cooling is a leading provider of OEM cooling tower parts, supplying spare and replacement parts for cooling towers as well as expert installation and repair services.


Through close cooperation with our OEM-customers we have standardized our cooling tower series, which makes it possible for us to meet international standards.


Our OEM-customers have access to our cooling tower calculation program to shorten the processing time.


Cooling Towers from Vestas Industrial Cooling are designed and fabricated to the highest standards. Our ranges of small, medium and large cooling towers are designed to offer optimum cooling. Important to all requirements of a cooling tower are how they are designed and the components which they are made from, the key components are;


1)    Distribution

2)    Fill

3)    Motors

4)    Fans

5)    Materials of Construction

6)    Maintenance


Common applications include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants, petrochemical plants, natural gas plant, processing plants, food-processing plants, semi-conductor plants, building cooling, and other industrial facilities. As mentioned above all the cooling towers are operated in the environment full of steam and water and this is what makes the operating environment a difficult one.



Water Distribution

Keeping a cooling towers water distribution system running smoothly is one of the most critical parts of cooling tower maintenance. That is why Vestas industrial cooling offers a comprehensive line of water distribution products designed to provide efficient, long lasting cooling tower water distribution solutions. Our products are made from durable materials like non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced plastic. We can offer a solution for all makes and models of cooling towers.


Fill and Drift Eliminators

A cooling tower fill is a specially designed component with the purpose of ensuring water contacts the most air possible, for the longest amount of time. The cooling tower, depending on its design, will have a system or structure created to allow the water to circulate, cooling as it goes, and this structure is made up of fill.


Cooling tower fill comes in multiple different styles that have different efficiency levels, pros and cons. The cross-corrugated fill that is used in many cooling towers can be extremely efficient because it offers the most surface area possible, exposing the most water to the most air possible, but because of this design, it’s easy for contamination to take place. This is often called “fouling” and cross-corrugated fill is known for being susceptible to fouling.


Vertical offset fill is a little more resistant to the permeation of outside pollutants, but offers a still fairly efficient environment in which the water can circulate, being exposed to a reasonable cooling process. The efficiency of the cross-corrugated platform is definitely reduced in the vertical offset fill design, but it can be an effective trade off of the small loss of efficiency for increased long term life and uptime, because of reduced contamination.



Ensuring a cooling tower has the most efficient motor is essential to the cooling process. Vestas industrial cooling has worked with various motor manufacturers around the world to develop rigorous standards for cooling tower duty motors. While our competitors and supply companies might offer replacement motors


That will initially function in a cooling tower, only Vestas offers motors that will reliably continue to operate in the harshest of working environments. Failures, downtime, and replacements can be expensive; this is why we ensure our motors offer the best solution.



Cooling Tower Fans are an essentail and integeral part of the the tower. Manufactured primererliy in FRP and Aluminium, ensuring the correct fan is installed is of paramount importance.


At first sight, a cooling tower fan is simple in its design, being essentially an axial fan designed to drive air through a piece of cooling equipment. It is only handling air and the rotational speeds vary, so it tends not to receive much attention. However regular inspection and maintenance are of paramount importance to ensure the tower operates at its optimum design.



Material of Construction

Less expensive galvanised metal cooling towers are the most susceptible to corrosion and, therefore can have a shorter life than stainless steel towers.


Cooling Towers from Vestas Industrial Cooling Towers are all manufactured from high standard GRP and offer a superior resistance to corrosion and offer a longer life span. The combination between steel and FRP offering low maintenance, corrosion resistance, small investment and operational cost. Options for the structural steel in the wetted area of the cooling tower to be fabricated in either AISI 304 of AISI 136SS.


Access for maintenance is by means of a full size doors which affords easy access for:


• daily maintenance and operational observation

• service

• cleaning of fill media

• inspection and replacement of motor and fan



Vestas industrial cooling provide a wide range of options for both service and maintenance of cooling


towers coupled with full ACOPL8 cleaning regimes which encompass all brands and models of cooling


towers. With the ever increasing demands of ACOP L8 the service and maintenance has become more critical than ever. The cleaning of cooling towers provides a perfect window of opportunity for preventative maintenance. Unscheduled downtime caused by expensive breakdowns invitably leads to loss of production and revenue.


Cooling Tower maintenance requirements are modest when compared to other plant and equipment.

However, in order to ensure that a cooling tower can operate under the design conditions all maintenance must be targeted and effective.


An effective maintenance & service regime is of paramount importance to ensure a cooling tower operates at it’s optimum design point. An ineffective cooling tower can lead to a loss of thermal performance.


Engineers at Vestas Industrial Cooling are trained in all aspects of cooling technology and the requirements of ACOP L8 and have experience on all brands of cooling towers inclusive of both package and large field erected cooling towers. As part of all service and maintenance regimes all accessible parts of the cooling tower will be fully inspected and their condition reported on with recommendations for future improvements.


In addition to the service and cleaning of cooling towers Vestas Industrial Cooling also undertake complete refurbishment projects on towers manufactured by BAC, Evapco, SPX, Marley, Cater and GEA cooling towers.


For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.