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Cooling Tower

Lots of uses and Excellent operating economy

Cooling towers are used with great advantage in industries using cooling water e.g. in process cooling, cooling of condensers, hydraulic oil, autoclaves, evaporators, extruders, fermenters and engine testing beds.

Compared to other cooling methods cooling towers have very low power consumption. Today’s increasing water and sewage costs make recycling of cooling water more and more cost-effective. Furthermore, cooling towers also offer an efficient and low-cost solution for heat recirculation systems, when removing surplus heat during the summer.

What is a cooling tower?


Small Capacity

The small capacity Open Cooling Towers from Vestas industrial cooling are made of corrosion resistant Fibreglass Reinforced materials.



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Medium Capacity

The OCT04 – 09; our medium range of cooling towers are all fabricated from corrosion resistant Fibreglass Reinforced materials



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High Capacity

OCT26-52 series are the largest designs of Open Cooling Towers from Vestas industrial cooling. A combination of fibreglass and acid-resisting steel



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