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Medium Capacity

OCT04 – OCT09 Industrial Cooling Tower

The OCT04 – 09; from our intermediate range of cooling towers are all fabricated from corrosion resistant  reinforced fibreglass materials together with galvanised steel and are designed for the more demanding processes. They can be designed to be delivered with or without a cold water basin depending on client’s specific requirements. As with all towers from Vestas Industrial Cooling, they are supplied with a full size service door for ease of access for maintenance and cleaning.

All cooling towers from Vestas industrial cooling are modular by design and can be engineered to client’s specific needs and requirements, with typically short lead and installation times. In order to prevent various air pollutants from entering the system and contamination of both the process water and fill media air intake filters can be engineered into the cooling towers. Fouled fill media may and can lead to a loss of thermal performance within a cooling tower.

For the ease of service and maintenance our cooling towers can be supplied with a galvanised steel access platform and ladder. For clients with demanding noise restrictions we can engineer sound attenuation to reduce noise pollution

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