The growing world population drives economic growth. This continuously increases the demand for energy. Furthermore, the ongoing development of electromobility will result in a huge increase for energy demand in the near future. Around half the growth in global energy demand will go into generating electricity. In the process, natural gas and renewable sources of energy play an important part in replacing power plants based on more traditional fossil fuels. Today, around 14% of electricity generation is attributable to renewables. There is a global trend towards renewable energy production and Vestas aircoil is part of this drive into the future.

For all kinds of energy production Vestas aircoil has the right solutions to support the cooling needs for a generation of electrical energy. Our products are present in a variety of power generation applications, from natural gas power plants to nuclear power installations and hydro power plants all over the world. Irrespective of global trends, Vestas Aircoil expertise and knowledge about the fuels powering the world economy will continue to be in demand.

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