Towards Applied Architected Materials

Unlock the Potential of Architected Materials:  


A Journey into Advanced Materials Science  On January 16, we are joining an inspiring master
class session titled "Towards Applied Architected Materials: Concepts,


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Vestas aircoil R&D Masterclass: What is it all about?


At Vestas aircoil, we pride ourselves on being among the leading experts in heat exchangers, particularly those tailored for marine and power generation applications. But our thirst for knowledge never ends.
Drawing inspiration from the world of classical music, where renowned soloists conduct masterclasses for the finest students from nearby conservatories, we're introducing our own kind of masterclass. We're inviting premier researchers, our equivalent of soloists, to our state-of-the-art R&D Laboratory - our Center of Excellence. Here, we'll delve into their insights, exploring the innovative solutions they envision for the challenges of tomorrow.
At Vestas aircoil, we are looking to be inspired by the very best in the field.

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