Charge air cooler cleaning

In conjunction with a leading engine manufacturer, Vestas has developed a cleaning system designed to clean your charge air cooler (Ladeluftkühler) in-situ.

A specially formulated foam reaches the entire external surface of the air cooler and is left pumping through the fins until the coolers is clean. The contaminated foam turns to liquid and is dealt with via normal separation processes to ensure there is no environmental impact.

At new build, the air cooler is designed with simple internal pipework arrangements to accept the cleaning system. The cleaning system itself is a separate “stand alone” piece of equipment (can be portable if required). The cleaning system is normally permanently connected to the cooler with flexible pipework. The system is capable of cleaning multiple coolers.

Operation can be manual or completely automatic.

In service, the concept is not so much to clean a dirty cooler (although the process will achieve such), rather to never allow it to become contaminated in the first place. The benefits to the engines are clear in terms of maintaining design parameters for fuel efficiency and emissions etc.

Click here to see the cleaning process in action (with the air cooler removed to show the process clearly)



 For more information on why you should keep your charge air cooler clean, see here.



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