Dry cooler (Radiators)

A “dry cooler” uses cool air (forced by fans), passing over tubes to cool water within the tubes. The name derives from the fact that the cooling medium (air), is dry (though this is relative in respect of humidity).

Dry coolers are a natural supplement to our program of standard and module cooling towers.

In a cooling tower the water is in direct contact with the air. Cooling of the water happens by evaporation. It is the wet bulb temperature which is the lower limit and in practice the water can be cooled down under the ambient air temperature.

In a dry cooler there is a finned tube wall between water and air and cooling of the water is made by heating up the air. In this case the air temperature is the lower cooling limit.

There are certain advantages to dry coolers: No water consumption. Media isolated from environment. No evaporation cloud. Easy frost prevention. No chemical consumption.

Complete packaged units including fans, motors, radiators and supports are available from our Industrial Cooling division

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Our aftermarket department will work with you to help replace only the components you need.

Why replace the fans and the structures when only the radiator is failed?

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