Air Cooled

For the last 60 years, Vestas has used water to cool air in its range of charge air coolers.

Today, there is a need for charge air cooling using air as the coolant, hence the title “air to air”.

The principles of heat exchange are the same. The laws of nature apply and the calculations required are just as complex. The materials of construction can be less noble however, since we no longer have risk from corrosion and erosion.

Typically, the units will feature a steel outer frame, with some kind of corrosion resistant coating; combined with aluminium tubes (normally 19mm in diameter).

As the name implies, air passes both through the tubes and over them too. The cooler air within the tubes absorbs the heat energy from the air outside them.

As the “cut away” image shows, the whole unit forms an enclosure which, in the case of our clients, is used to cool the generator windings associated with diesel generating sets.

Vestas is producing these air to air generator coolers for many leading engine makers and diesel gen set manufacturers.


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