Conversion of shell and tube heat exchanger to plate heat exchanger

Vestas does not manufacture plate heat exchangers. They are radically different form the types of heat exchangers we produce, but ironically, they often are used for the same purpose.  Thus a “plate heat exchanger” (PHE) can often be interchanged with another type of unit - perhaps a shell and tube heat exchanger.

There is the chance to change from one type to the other.

The names tell you something about the differences.

A PHE separates the two fluids by use of a metal plate and a gasket between each of them. So, for example, one might have 200 plates comprising of [oil/gasket/plate/gasket/water/gasket/oil/gasket/water etc.]. The units are very space efficient, but very expensive. Often they use titanium and the plate material.

A shell and tube exchanger separates the fluids in a simpler way. One fluid outside the tubes and one within. They are lower in cost, but bigger.

Once we know our clients thermal design requirements for the process under consideration; the potential to switch from one heat exchanger type to the other becomes possible.

In some cases it may be more economical to change the shell and tube heat exchanger to a plate heat exchanger. This is especially relevant if the shell and tube is a larger unit, where you cannot easily replace just the tube bundle.

Vestas aircoil are able to match the original performance. 

To quote for this option we require the thermal duty data of the original heat exchanger. This can typically be seen on the original drawing or manual. 

Contact our sales team to discuss your options today. 

BENEFITS of plate heat exchanger re design

  • Often a more competitive alternative, especially on non remover able bundles
  • Easier maintenance with changeable gaskets and plates
  • Reduced "foot print"

PHE Exchangergif Original

Plate Heat Exchangergif Original

Shell And Tube Plate Heat Exchanger Medium

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