Water mist catcher - Special MAN solution

Vestas is an approved supplier for water mist catchers installed on MAN Diesel engines. Also Vestas supply replacement mist catchers for other brands such as GEA, Rumia and Dong Hwa. 

In Spring 2010, a revision to the construction design of Water Mist catchers was requested by MAN Diesel A/S. (The specification is detailed in spec reference 0 74 33 65 - 1 rev. 1).

The new design called for a change in the angle of the "vanes" of the WMC and an increase in the amount of welded joints between the "vanes" and the frame/support structure.

The result is a significant improvement in the performance of the water mist catcher.

Such co-operation is typical of the close relationship we have with our engine building partners. 

BENEFITS of Vestas Water mist catchers

  • Increased vane thickness for a more robust solution
  • Better welding for improved life time
  • Strengthen outer frame
  • Improved performance will help protect engine cylinder liners
  • Vestas is the only MAN approved maker for 2 stroke engines
  • Improved sealing around the WMC to avoid by-pass of water mist


Water Mist Catcher New Design Medium

Water Mist Catcher Medium



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