Charge air cooler


Providing optimal power and fuel consumption

A Charge Air Cooler is used to cool engine air after it has passed through a turbocharger before it enters the combustion chambers of the engine. Its function is to cool the combustion air to a temperature that is most favourable to power output, fuel consumption and subsequently to exhaust emissions.

Vestas Aircoil is designing Charge Air Coolers for all larger turbo-charged engines. The coolers are optimized and perfected for each individual application. Vestas Aircoil has a wide experience of Charge Air coolers for both diesel engines, natural gas engines and engines for dual fuel. Every week Vestas aircoil coolers are put into operation in a large variety of application environments, from data centers to natural gas fields. Coolers are provided for replacement products on existing engines with improvements to earlier cooler designs, as well as for development projects for completely new coolers. In each project, the cooler is adapted perfectly to the working conditions on each engine model. A successful Charge Air Cooler project needs to take into consideration the exact inlet conditions of both air and cooling medium. Vestas aircoil design team is in close cooperation with customers creating a tailor-made cooler design, providing expertise on the choice of material, flow and needed envelope size for any OEM engine maker.

To satisfy the need to swiftly replace old coolers for the Aftermarket, Vestas aircoil has a dedicated team with extensive experience of the on-site delivery of replacement coolers for all engines existing on the market with very short lead times.

Vestas Aircoil design team is standing ready to support you in perfecting your Charge Air Cooler design today.