EGR Coolers


Sustainable and efficient engine emission control

Since 2009 Vestas aircoil has developed and continuously refined a highly effective Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) unit, which supports engine designers and engine builders in meeting current and future emission regulations and requirements.

The Vestas aircoil EGR units offer unique features in terms of seamless scalability, unparalleled performance and competitive operating cost. These features provide engine designers and engine builders true flexibility in achieving the required balance between environmental sustainability and engine performance.

All EGR units are bespoke solutions and specifically designed to customer specifications to ensure the best performing product for all combinations of engine and application. The units are manufactured using patented manufacturing technology to ensure the high and consistent quality level our clients have come to expect from Vestas aircoil.

Marine Vessel Industry

Innovation in motion

The comprehensive installed base of Vestas aircoil EGR units throughout the world and across various platforms generates a valuable feedback data stream based on real operating conditions. This data serves as an input allowing our R&D and engineering teams to update and refine our thermal models and structural analysis continuously to ensure that all Vestas aircoil EGR units continue to perform as predicted.

Vestas aircoil shares the client-specific data collected from EGR units in operation with relevant clients. This allows for a joint analysis allowing us to determine the future design and performance improvements needed to keep our customers´ engines operating at peak performance.