For new engines as well as replacements.

The energy mix in the last decade changed worldwide towards renewables. One of the growing segments is co-generation plants with biomass. For this application and all other kinds of gas powered engines, Vestas aircoil can provide a reliable tailor made solution. Depending on the gas mix, the material combination will be selected to avoid corrosion and have long periods between
maintenance intervals.

For gas engine charge air coolers we use our compact fin technology which ensure a solid proven and tested performance. This can either be copper, tin coated or stainless steel. Choosing the stainless-steel fin tube system means corrosion resistance is significantly increased compared with standard materials such as copper or aluminium. At the same time, cleaning with detergents does not affect the stainless-steel system. With the development of the high efficient ultra compact fin-and-tube system we are able in most cases
to change to the reliable stainless-steel cooling system and keep the existing dimensions of the charge air cooler (CAC).
Vestas aircoil already manufactures gas coolers for some of the world's leading producers of engines using gas, many of
them 'dual fuel' in that they use both gas and diesel. We also provide replacement air coolers for some engines.
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