Generator Coolers


Tailormade for your individual requirement and application

Vestas aircoil a/s designs and manufactures coolers for electrical motors and generators based on our well-proven compact fin tube technology. Vestas aircoil a/s generator coolers are designed to the customers' requirements and assure exact compliance with their performance specifications. The motor or generator is mostly cooled by an air/water cooler. This cooler can be manufactured as a single tube or double tube safety heat exchanger. The double tube unit consists of two tubes that are joined by expansion. The outer tube is equipped with the necessary drainage system. If leakage occurs the fluid runs through this drainage system and sets off an alarm. This technology allows the heat exchanger to remain operational until the repair of the unit is performed.

For applications where no cooling water is available or necessary, Vestas aircoil a/s can also provide the cooling by an air/air design.

In case the complete housing, including the cooler, (often referred to as a TEWAC – totally enclosed water to air cooled) is needed, we are the right partner for you. The housing / TEWAC is designed specifically to interface with your motor or generator and is customized to fit your client’s needs. They can be delivered with or without a fan and other components such as temperature gauge or flow control.

The housing/TEWAC can also be equipped with for example; PT100 temperature sensors, cable rails, inspection doors, drip tray, leakage detector and certified lifting lugs. All according to the client’s requirements.

Large housing/TEWAC can be designed as two separate pieces to optimize transportation.

Vestas aircoil a/s offers a great number and variety of material combinations for tubes, fins, tube sheets, like copper, Aluminium, CuNi10, CuNi30, stainless steel.