Development of market leading
heat transfer solutions


We value our R&D Lab – Center of Excellence, and through research we find the solutions for tomorrow.
We believe that a digital twin are a key enabling technology for optimised coolers and lifetime estimates.
We participate in national and international funded projects in our quest to push the boundaries.
We are an active part in branding Vestas aircoil as a technology based company.
We are active in development of coolers for our customers through best in class analyses.


“The Digital Twin will be a game-changer for us, to know more about individual engines and how many identical engines can have different impacts on identical coolers. Just to have that knowledge about what happens is really what we are aiming for."
Claus H. Ibsen - Group R&D Director

The R&D Lab

In our R&D Lab – Center of Excellence we find we find the solutions for tomorrow through research. Basing our product development on solid knowledge is key for us. The quality in our product are there as we is focusing on the details which are important. Therefore we cherish our patents and proudly work with story telling. We are a company based on technology.

Improving our knowledge

We believe that a digital twin on top of conditional monitoring are a key enabling technology for optimised coolers and lifetime estimates. With the digital twin we help our customers and make use of the knowledge we generate in our R&D lab – center of excellence. Our goal is to continuously improve our knowledge on the stresses that the coolers experience in operation and through that knowledge design coolers which perform.

Our inspiration

Inspiration from the outside are valued. Therefore we participate in national and international funded projects in our quest to push the boundaries. For two decades we have been active in funded projects with national and international research institutes and companies.
Always coming out with knowledge that improve our product, help our customers and in the end do good for our environment.

What we are here for

Yes we want to do research and yes we want put on our science coat. But we do not forget that we are here for our customers and we deliver through best in class analyses. This is a cardinal point for us. Continuously improve the analysis we carry out in support of development of the coolers for our customer. Our customers product evolves and develops –such do our coolers.

Stories from the R&D department



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Welcome to our new R&D Vibration Engineer

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Developing high-performance heat exchangers for low-emission power systems

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Cooler prepared for model update.

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