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Article: Digital twins shake up heat exchanger design

Beyond blueprints, beyond prototypes, lies a future where humans and machines design in harmony. Dive into the groundbreaking collaboration between Vestas Aircoil and the University of Sheffield, where digital twins unlock sustainable engineering breakthroughs.


Article: InDEStruct: Bridge the gap between academia and industry

What lessons can we take from the InDEStruct project, which aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry to benefit industrial knowledge, innovation and employment opportunities? What significance did the project hold for Vestas aircoil A/S? Claus H. Ibsen, PhD, Group R&D Director, provides the answers.


eBook: Green composites: A focus on making consumer products more sustainable

Open Access Government interviews Claus H. Ibsen, PhD, the Group R&D Director at Vestas aircoil A/S, and Professor Atul Bhaskar from the University of Sheffield on composite covers, ceramic 3D printing, and more, in their experimentation to make their products more sustainable.


Article: Vestas Aircoil: Key insights from successfully bridging the gap between academia and industry

Open Access Government engages in a conversation with Kevin Jose, a recently graduated PhD student who concluded his research and successfully defended his thesis at the University of Southampton. In this interview, Kevin shares his insights on transitioning from academia to industry.


Article: Exploring digital twins and structural vibration in collaborative research

Claus H. Ibsen, the Group R&D Director at Vestas aircoil A/S, and Professor Atul Bhaskar from the University of Southampton discuss their collaboration and funding in their Horizon Europe project on structural vibration


eBook: Transformations to knowledge-based technology at Vestas Aircoil

Vestas Aircoil A/S delve into their transformation from a blacksmith company to a company making its decisions on knowledge-based technology


Article: The journey to digitalization with the digital twin concept

Claus H. Ibsen, PhD, the Group R&D Director at Vestas aircoil A/S discusses the digital twin concept from their completed Horizon 2020 project InDEStruct.

eBook: Bridging the gap between academic research and industrial application in the perspective of industry 4.0

The development of heat exchangers in a collaborative environment together with high ranking Universities as for example University of Southampton.


Article: InDEStruct: engineering advanced heat transfer systems

Open Access Government interviews members of the team of the InDEStruct project, a Horizon 2020 project which works toward inter-disciplinary design approaches for advanced heat transfer systems.


Article: Closing the gap between science and industry

With our projects we aim to make it into deployment much more quickly though it is not necessarily easy.


Article: Developing high-performance heat exchangers for low-emission power systems

The development of high-performance heat exchangers poses a set of complex engineering challenges that the InDEStruct project is looking to overcome.


Article: How can we bridge the industrial-academic gap?

According to Claus Ibsen and Karl Brian Nielsen at Vestas aircoil, closing the industrial-academic gap is the future of innovation


Finding trade-offs is my trade

“Good is not good enough when better is expected”. A quote that may very well apply for Atul Singh (29) from India


Failure is what i predict

If – for some reason – you want to know when any given component will eventually fail or break down Khandokar Abu Talha (26) from Bangladesh is a young expert you should consider paying a visit.


Now i see structures everywhere

”I was born and raised not far from New Delhi… a giant metropolis with 22 million people. I also lived in New York with a population of 8 million.…


I fell in love with research

“Arriving in January was… Well, how can I phrase it? It was cold and dark! But for me positive as well. Coming to Denmark I was surprised by the…


Article: Developing new leaders in engineering

The InDEStruct project (Integrated Design of Engineering Studies) seeks to advance heat exchanger technology by creating novel structural concepts…