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Article: Developing high-performance heat exchangers for low-emission power systems

The development of high-performance heat exchangers pose a set of complex engineering challenges that the InDEStruct project is looking to overcome.


Article: How can we bridge the industrial-academic gap?

According to Claus Ibsen and Karl Brian Nielsen at Vestas Aircoil, closing the industrial-academic gap is the future of innovation


Finding trade-offs is my trade

“Good is not good enough when better is expected”. A quote that may very well apply for Atul Singh (29) from India


Failure is what i predict

If – for some reason – you want to know when any given component will eventually fail or break down Khandokar Abu Talha (26) from Bangladesh


Now i see structures everywhere

”I was born and raised not far from New Delhi… a giant metropolis with 22 million people. I also lived in New York with a population of 8 million.…


I fell in love with research

“Arriving in January was… Well, how can I phrase it? It was cold and dark! But for me positive as well. Coming to Denmark I was surprised by the…


Article: Developing new leaders in engineering

The InDEStruct project (Integrated Design of Engineering Studies) seeks to advance heat exchanger technology by creating novel structural concepts,…