Approved replacement air coolers

Aftermarket (replacement coolers and heat exchangers)

"OEM's are all too slow and too expensive".

In 2001 Vestas decided to change that. With the support of our engine builder partners we developed the flexible production concept "RUSHLINE".

Using the same technology, materials and know-how as we do for new engine coolers, we bypass the serial production lines and build replacement charge air coolers in a matter of days when required.

The "Economy of scale" means ... we will compete!

Charge Air Coolers for all engine types. NOT JUST REPLACEMENTS FOR VESTAS COOLERS.

Our RUSHLINE department provide shell & tube heat exchangers, alternator coolers and many other products for your heating and cooling needs.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you. We care about your needs.

Vestas can give you all the benefits of an OEM but with the speed and economy of a "grey" company!

77341114 Medium

Charge Air Cooler Vestas Aircoil Medium

Shell And Tube Cooler Medium

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