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Charge Air Cooler Repair

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Look here for information about cleaning your charge air cooler

There are limited ways for repairing damaged/leaking tubes in a charge air cooler. If the tube wall is damaged along the finned area and water is leaking into the air side of the air cooler it is essential to stop that as soon as possible.

Traditionally this is carried out by using a brass or wooden plug at each end of the tube. Vestas aircoil prefers an improved method of sleeving the damaged tube:

 The damaged tube is to be cleaned using the supplied cleaning brush to remove any scaling taking care not to damage the tube further during this process. Clean the roller expanded area at both ends to remove all impurities. Avoid scratching the surface. Blow both the new and old tube with air to ensure that the surface is clean. Put a little Aluminium paste onto the outside of the new sleeve tube. Slowly insert the new sleeve tube into the damaged tube under constant rotation. Both ends of the new sleeve tube are to be roller expanded into the ends of the damaged tube. The tube should then be tested under pressure to ensure the repair has been successful.

Repair kits are available for all Vestas original coolers and some other brands too.

Aside from this, basic repairs to the outer frame of the charge air cooler are of course always possible. Vestas aircoil offers a free of charge air cooler inspection service.

Contact our aftermarket team for details.