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Charge Air Cooler

Charge Air Coolers for turbo charged engines

For more than six decades Vestas aircoil a/s has been one of the world’s leading specialists in the development, technology and manufacturing of charge air coolers for stationary and mobile onshore/offshore applications for engine outputs above 200 kW.

A selection of cooler types is shown here and below.

When cooled, the moisture in the air can condense into water droplets. This water would negatively affect the engine performance by entering the cylinders. Where called for, Vestas aircoil provides water mist catchers or water separators customized for each charge air cooler.

For low-speed two-stroke marine engines, the Exhaust Gas recovery (EGR) system is a major technology to help meet Tier III emission standards.

For new engine projects or aftermarket replacements – contact Vestas aircoil


See our explanation on what a Charge Air Cooler is here. To learn more about the Functions of a Charge Air Cooler – Click the link to find out.

Standard Charge air cooler with full support

Charge air coolers from Vestas Aircoil are suitable for new engines and as replacements.

Our expanded solution gives full support and is resistant towards vibration.

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Premium tin coated air cooler

Premium tin soldered charge air coolers

Unique to Vestas aircoil A/S this procedure provides the ultimate bond between the fins and the tubes. There is additional protection to the fins against sulfur ingress too.

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Compact air cooler

The name implies a smaller geometry and it follows that our compact range is most often used on medium speed engines.

Compact in size, huge in performance!

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Ultra Compact

Developed in 2010, ultra compact fin design has meant we can build coolers in a variety of materials for high speed engines.

Ultra compact, ultra performance!

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Gas Engine Coolers

For all kinds of gas powered engines, Vestas aircoil a/s can provide a reliable tailor made solution charge air cooler in a variety of materials.

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Diesel Engine air coolers

For new engines and as replacements Charge air coolers for Diesel Engines are the core product for Vestas, today and since 1956.

From huge engines like in the picture that tower over us to stationary power and even large truck engines, Vestas can supply new or replacement.

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Integral Support

All our range features integral tube support systems.

Every tube is mechanically bonded to every other tube, thus we have the most robust air coolers on the market.

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Unique to Vestas… One piece construction elements.

There can be no more resilient method of construction.

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Worldwide Vestas aircoil charge air coolers for diesel engines and coolers for gas engines are well known for their excellent performance and reliability. This is one of the reasons why we are the selected partner of almost all engine manufactures around the globe.

Vestas builds coolers for new engines, but also for the aftermarket. Replacing air coolers, no matter who built the originals

Our foundation to the best solution is understanding the customer demands. Your requirements are the base for our R&D department to develop a charge air cooler that is tailored to reach high performance and optimal functionality, but also small package and minimum weight. A number of different fin tube systems and material combinations enables us to create the optimal product for each individual application