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Different Cooler Types

Charge air cooler types

Each engine is different. Its requirements for combustion air vary according to the power and configuration and the resultant turbo charger selection.

That’s why at Vestas, we have a number of generic options available, all designed with different outcomes in mind.

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Standard Charge Air Cooler

Charge air coolers from Vestas Aircoil are suitable for new engines and as replacements.

Our expanded solution gives full support and is resistant towards vibration.

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Premium Air Cooler

Premium tin soldered charge air coolers

Unique to Vestas aircoil A/S this procedure provides the ultimate bond between the fins and the tubes.

Tubes and fins are assembled, then coated entirely in tin. The element effectively becomes one piece and heat transfer is therefore very efficient.

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The name implies a smaller geometry and it follows that our compact range is most often used on medium speed engines.

Compact in size, huge in performance!

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Ultra compact

Developed in 2010, ultra compact fin design has meant we can build coolers in a variety of materials for high speed engines.

Ultra compact, ultra performance!

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Integral Support

All our range features integral tube support systems.

Every tube is mechanically bonded to every other tube, thus we have the most robust air coolers on the market.

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Unique to Vestas… One piece construction elements.

There can be no more resilient method of construction.

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Generator Coolers

Cooling all types of rotating machinary

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