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Integral Support

Integral Support – charge air coolers

Vestas produces its charge air coolers using a range of fin geometries.

There are details here of our Ultra CompactCompact, Standard & Premium Tin Coated geometries.

One-piece construction – peace of mind

Any air cooler over a few hundred millimeters in length needs a proper support mechanism. The science behind the calculations that determine its requirement and position is complex, but the method is simple

In the same way as the tubes are roller expended into tube plates at either end of the charge air cooler, they are also mechanically bonded to support plates, strategically placed along the length of the air cooler.

The plates are then attached to the side panels. The precise position and method of attachment differs depending on the environment and is itself, the subject of complex design considerations.

In combination with MonoBloc – Vestas coolers are the most robust available.