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Premium Air Cooler

Premium tin soldered charge air coolers

Unique to Vestas aircoil A/S this procedure provides the ultimate bond between the fins and the tubes.

Tubes and fins are assembled, then coated entirely in tin. The element effectively becomes one piece and heat transfer is therefore very efficient.

This premium method of construction is simply more robust than “standard” construction coolers. They last longer!

The tin coating is used in some of our range of gas engine charge air coolers. The coating provides protection from the contamination present within the gas. Pure copper, though ideal from the perspective of heat transfer, is not perfect in the aggressive atmosphere of the gas/air mixture of these engine types. Vestas aircoil needs to consider a material that would cater for the required heat transfer AND survive in this hostile environment.

Underneath the tin coating are the same high-quality materials (Copper fins and CU.NI 90/10 tubes).

The method is used extensively, both for new engines AND within our aftermarket department for replacement coolers

At Vestas aircoil, this process has been used for decades for OEM supplies and to this day provides an alternative for both new and old engines.

Tin coating can be applied to most of our tube and fin geometries.