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Standard Air Cooler

Standard “EK” charge air coolers

Vestas produces its charge air coolers using a range of fin geometries.

There are details here of our Ultra CompactCompact & Premium Tin Coated geometries.

Perfect for 2-stroke engines

From 1956 to around the millennium, all Vestas charge air coolers used our Premium Tin Coated LK geometry.

The name “standard” is perhaps a little dull, but it just means we use the same layout, but without the tin coating. WHY? – to reduce the cost. Today most engine builders prefer a more economic design than the older Premium versions. Vestas continues to offer the choice of both for its clients!

15mm diameter tubes combined with an infinite range of fin pitches make bespoke design for each cooling requirement easily achievable. There is a range of surface options from low pressure drop plain finish to heavily corrugated surfaces designed to produce powerful turbulence and thus improve heat transfer.

The air coolers can be manufactured from a number of material, also combined with coatings where required.