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Other Products and Services

Our core product range is (and always will be), charge air cooler related. But look what else we can help you with!



Exhaust Gas Recovery

With the introduction of improved environmental legislation, Exhaust Gas Recovery is becoming a bigger part of modern marine diesel propulsion design.








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Generator coolers

Serial production for all rotating machinery cooling applications or, replacements for all brands.









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Compressor Cooler

Serial production for OE Compressors and Specialist bespoke designs.

Situated between the various stages of an air compressor, the compressor intercooler / aftercooler cools the compressed air before it is either further compressed or used in the associated process.







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Serial production associated with new charge air coolers OR as replacements.

Situated after the charge air cooler, the water mist catcher (WMC) separates water droplets from the cooled air. The droplets naturally condense from humid hot air during the cooling process. It is advantageous to remove this moisture before it enters the engine.






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Shell and Tube

Our aftermarket team will support you with replacement shell and tube heat exchangers.

Based on a dimensional drawing or a pattern, we are able to replace your old shell and tube heat exchanger. We make sure the new tube bundle will fit the old end covers and outer shell.







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Dry Cooler

A familiar site at most diesel engine power plants where dry coolers are used to reduce take away heat from the engines cooling systems (Charge air, Jacket water or Lube oil for example).

Our Industrial Cooling division handles new installations, but we are just as interested in helping to replace existing units.







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