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Air Compressor Intercooler

Compressor intercooler

There is some confusion in terminology between aftercooler, intercooler, and charge-air cooler.

The inter prefix in the device name originates from historic compressor designs. In the past, aircraft engines were built with charge Air Coolers that were installed between multiple stages of supercharging, thus the designation of inter.

Likewise, the “after” prefix (as in Aftercooler), refers to cooler placed at the end of supercharging chain.

While multi-stage turbocharger systems are still in use today, the terms intercooler and aftercooler are most often used synonymously, even in single stage cooling devices where a single cooler sits between the turbo and the engine.

Thus, since an intercooler or aftercooler commonly cools charged air, they are both sometimes referred to as a Charge Air Coolers.

Vestas can provide just the inter cooler element OR the entire unit including the outer casing. Series production for OM requirements is already carried out for leading compressor makers, but we are also able to design and build for bespoke special projects.

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