Why do I need CE Marking? | Vestas Aircoil

Why do I need CE Marking?

CE marking.

It is a legal requirement for certain pressurized vessels to be designed in accordance with PED (Pressurized Equipment Directive).

If a pressure vessel complies, it can be “CE marked”. It is against the law to apply the mark unless the relevant codes are followed.

The decision on whether compliance is legally binding is based on a number of (sometimes confusing) factors, including size, purpose and geographical location of the unit’s eventual home. Clicking the link above will give you a very brief guide.

Vestas, as a manufacturer, has a binding responsibility to inform you of the legal position. Moreover, once in formed, the legal responsibility is shared. One cannot pretend one did not realise compliance is required – that is no defence.

We make it easy for you. On receipt of any request for a pertinent special heat exchanger, the very first this we do is assess and report.

You can rely on our expertise to help you comply with the law.


Why should I consider PED?