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Why do I need PED?

Why do I need PED for my heat exchanger?

It is a legal requirement for certain pressurized vessels to be designed in accordance with PED (Pressurized Equipment Directive).

The decision on whether compliance is legally binding is based on a number of (sometimes confusing) factors, including size, purpose and geographical location of the unit’s eventual home. Clicking the link above will give you a very brief guide.

Vestas, as a manufacturer, has a binding responsibility to inform you of the legal position. Moreover, once in formed, the legal responsibility is shared. One cannot pretend one did not realise compliance is required – that is no defence.

PED is related to “CE marking”. A compliant product will have a CE mark where called for in the PED.

We make it easy for you. On receipt of any request for a pertinent special heat exchanger, the very first this we do is assess and report.

You can rely on our expertise to help you comply with the law.