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Dry Coolers (Radiators)

Dry cooler (Radiators)

A familiar site at most diesel engine power plants where dry coolers are used to reduce take away heat from the engines cooling systems (Charge air, Jacket water or Lube oil for example).

Vestas Industrial Cooling is the department to deal with new installations, but Vestas is just as interested to support you for replacement units.

A “dry cooler” uses fan driven ambient air, passing over tubes with fins to cool the water within the tubes. The name derives from the fact that the cooling medium (air), is dry (though this is relative in respect of humidity).

The heat energy in the water is exchanged into the cooler ambient air.

Vestas manufactures complete packages including fans, motors, radiators and supports from our Industrial Cooling division.

Our aftermarket department will work with you to help replace only the components you need. Why replace the fans and the structures when only the radiator is failed?