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EGR – Exhaust Gas Recovery

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recovery) – What is EGR?

With the introduction of improved environmental legislation, Exhaust Gas Recovery is becoming a bigger part of modern marine diesel propulsion design.

The engine requires several additional components to meet the emission standards which can become quite complex. In modern 2-stroke diesel engines EGR coolers are one of the technologies to fulfil Tier 3 standards. The engines exhaust gas is cooled with a EGR heat exchanger to allow the introduction of a greater mass of recirculated gas in the combustion process.

EGR works by recirculating a portion of an engine’s exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. This dilutes the O₂ in the incoming air stream and provides gases that are inert to combustion and thus act as absorbents of combustion heat. In turn this reduces peak in cylinder temperatures.

Vestas aircoil A/S has invented a new technology for EGR cooling. Our UCK Ultra Compact finless system.

In close cooperation with all leading 2-stroke engine manufactures, this system has been developed and is currently installed in more than 100 vessels helping to reduce their emissions and make a greener future for our children.