About Vestas aircoil - OEM of high quality charge air coolers

About Vestas aircoil

Vestas Aircoil is an approved maker of charge air coolers for 2 and 4 stroke diesel and Gas engines engines.
Our charge air coolers can be used for many applications such as marine, power plants, generators / alternators, compressors, gas, wind energy and offshore.

The key breakthrough for Vestas Aircoil came with the development of charge air coolers for Burmeister & Wain in 1956. Since then, Vestas Aircoil has become an approved OEM supplier for many of the well-known engine builders.

Vestas Aircoil is specialised in cutting edge development for new product applications together with the world's leading OEM manufacturers. Furthermore, Vestas Aircoil has expert competences in replacement of charge air coolers. We supply approved replacement air coolers for all requirements.

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