Water Mist Catcher


Water Mist Catcher – Water separators

Serial production associated with new charge air coolers or as replacements.

Placed after the charge air cooler, the water mist catcher (WMC) separates water droplets from the cooled air. The droplets naturally condense from humid hot air during the cooling process. It is advantageous to remove this moisture before it enters the engine.

The design of the vanes of the WMCs forces the air to make a sudden change in direction. The water droplets, which are heavier and therefore carry a larger momentum, cannot follow this sudden change in direction. Therefore, it will hit the surface of the vanes and will enter the chamber of the vane. Gravity will ensure that condensated water is collected at the bottom of the water mist catcher, where it is drained.

For larger 2-stroke engines the water mist catcher is a separate unit placed in the charge air cooler housing. On 4-stroke engines, some charge air coolers have an integrated water mist catcher.

Vestas produces WMCs for new engines as an OEM product. The designs remain closely aligned with the standards demanded by MAN Energy Solutions.

Although not often required to be replaced, Vestas also supplies replacement WMCs from its aftermarket department. A proper solution could save your engine.

Benefits of Vestas Water mist catchers

- Increased vane thickness for a more robust solution;
- Better welding for improved lifetime;
- Strengthened outer frame;
- Improved performance will help protect engine cylinder liners; and
- Improved sealing around the WMC to avoid the by-pass of water mist


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